My first ever contest/prize giveaway! (#5x7contest)

Hello, and welcome to my 1st contest/giveaway! recently sent me a new X-Carve CNC machine and I would like to share my good fortune with you!

I know that not everybody has access to a CNC machine so I will be making and shipping five 5 inch by 7 inch fan designed projects for free. The catch is that you will need to follow the link down below and create a free Easel account on the Inventables website. You must then design the piece in Easel and send the project link to me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) or as a comment on this post. Make sure to tag your post with the hashtag “#5x7contest”

I will pick my 5 favorite projects on October 1st.  I will make a build video for the 5 projects and post it on my YouTube channel for all to see!

Please limit yourself to 2 project designs only and make them family friendly enough for me to show on this website and YouTube.

Click here to create a free Easel account.

Once you create your Easel account you can access a 5×7 template at the link below.

Click here to watch a tutorial on designing a project in Easel

Watch the video below to find out how to win Casey Neistat!

Here are some examples of other 5″ x 7″ projects that I have made.






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