Shop update #345 (6-19-24) Apothecary Ice Chest Part 1

On Saturday, we worked on my son’s Eagle Scout Project at the church where his Troop meetings are held.  Sunday was Father’s Day so I told my wife that I just wanted to putter around in the shop and make something fun.

I found a little ice chest on sale at TEMU for under $10 so I ordered it a while back.  It can just fit 6 cans of soda.  I decided to build a faux apothecary box to carry it in.

I had a quarter sheet of 1/2″ plywood leftover from another project so I cut it down to size.

All the parts were glued and then brad nailed to hold it together while the glue dried.

I left the top off the box so that I could adjust the fit from the inside once I cut it off.

I cut the box at 7 1/2″ to make it easier to score the front for the apothecary look.  This way I can set the table saw fence at 2 1/2″ and score it from the top and then from the bottom.  It ended up being too tall the be able to easily open the actual ice chest so I glued in 2 risers to lift it 1/2″.

I also made a 1/8″ score line along the bottom of the lid to give it that extra shadow line.

I filled in all the nail holes and gaps with wood putty and let it dry overnight.

It was toasty in the shop on Sunday.  I’m really considering putting in a mini-split.

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