Shop update #346 (6-26-24) Apothecary Ice Chest Part 2

The Apothecary Ice Chest is almost finished!

I sanded down all the filler to make the box smooth.

I then gave everything a good coat of Gunstock stain.

I let that dry overnight and then put on a coat of amber shellac.

I let that dry overnight as well and then gave it a light sanding to smooth out the grain and remove any nits.

I cleaned off all of the dust and gave it 2 more coats of amber shellac.

The label frame/pulls were a little bent so I had to straighten them on my anvil.

I used a story stick to mark and then install the pulls.

I installed some hinges in the back, latches on the sides, and decorative corner elements.

I bought a vintage looking handle but didn’t like how it installs so I ordered a different one to show up this week.  The next step is to glue the cooler to the inside using some spray foam.

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