Shop update #110 (12-4-19)

I had a 4 day weekend off from work for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Thursday was spent with Family and Saturday was spent with friends.  On Friday and Sunday, I totally designed and built a new project!

I found a picture of a small reindeer planter box on the FaceBook marketplace and decided to make something similar but larger.

I designed the basic crate with legs on the computer but I had no idea how to draw the head digitally so I made a prototype out of cardboard.  My wife, son, and I took turns drawing a head and neck on some 11×17 paper and held them up to the prototype until we drew one that we liked.  I cut them out of paper and then transferred them to some cardboard.

The next step was to break down a 6 foot 1 x 10 pine board and cut out all the requisite shapes with a jigsaw.

I then assembled all the pieces to make sure that it looked OK.  I initially made it with 2 slats on the sides but did not like the proportions, so I added one more slat to give it some girth.

I broke all the pieces down and gave them a 1/4″ round over on the router table.

I gave everything a good sanding and then a coat of golden oak stain.

Once the stain dried enough for me to handle them, I assembled the reindeer again and was quite happy with the results.  I am going to let it finish drying during the week and then give it a few coats of spray lacquer once it warms up a little this weekend.

I am working on the plans now and hope to have them posted on my website by the end of the week.  I also plan to have a video edited and published shortly thereafter.

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