Shop update #126 (3-25-20)

Thursday afternoon, I came up with an idea.  Friday night, I sketched it out enough to make a material list.  Saturday morning, I bought the parts.  Saturday afternoon, I built it.  Saturday night, I edited and posted the video to YouTube and put free plans on my website.

I give to you, The Social Distancing Doughnut!

As is often the case, I was so busy filming the project that I forgot to take very many pictures.

I also picked up a 2′ x 4′ piece of 3/16″ marker board and broke it down into 24 of 5′ x 7′ pieces so that my kids could use them as painting canvases.  It cost $11 to buy and saved me at least $30 to $40 compared to buying the same amount of standard  canvases at Michaels craft store.  I also ended up with a few odd sized pieces for them to paint on.

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