Shop update #66 (1-30-19)

This weekend was all about finishing the Treasure Chest Cooler Box.  The whole process was an experiment and I have been happy with the results so far.

I am also working on a super secret CNC project that I will be giving out as a gift so I can’t show any pictures yet…

On Saturday I took the Treasure Chest apart and hit all the sides and top with a blow torch.

I let that cool down for about 30 minutes and then gave it a light sanding with my random orbit sander using 120 grit sandpaper.

I only had a little bit of Golden Oak stain left so I mixed in some Red Mahagony with it to make enough to cover the whole chest.  I applied it liberally with a foam brush and used paper towels to wipe off the excess and then let it dry overnight.

On Sunday, I hit everything with the random orbit sander again but this time over sanding select parts to try and simulate wear.

I blew off all the sawdust and gave it a liberal coat of Amber Shellac.  The shellac gave it a good aged look and brought out the colors nicely.

This was my first time using shellac and I am very impressed with it so far.

I have a couple more ideas that I’m going to try out on the treasure chest but it’s supposed to rain this weekend so it will probably have to wait until the weekend after.

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