Shop update #97 (9-4-19)

It was a super busy Labor Day weekend.  I got plenty of family time in and was able to spend most of Monday finishing up the Octagon washer toss games.

Saturday morning was spent helping out with an Eagle Project for my older son’s Boy Scout Troop and that afternoon was spent selling popcorn with my younger son for his Cub Scout Pack.

We have 2 fundraisers a year for the Boy Scout Troop and 1 for the Cub Scout Pack.  The second Boy Scout fundraiser is a spaghetti dinner/auction.  Each boy has to sell a certain number of spaghetti dinner tickets and collect donations for the auction.  My son decided that he wanted to make 2 washer toss games to donate to the auction this year.

We had the opening popcorn shift on Sunday morning. That afternoon,  the older boy and I worked on the plans for the 2 styles of washer toss games and I walked him through all the parts and pieces that we would need.  He then made up a material list and we went to Lowe’s and picked them all up.

I checked the wood cutting area and there was some pieces of plywood resting against the wall.  One of them was 18″ x 96″ x 1/2″ and would work perfect for the bottom of the games.  I went and found an employee and asked about the off-cuts and he gave me the one that I wanted for a dollar.

One of my friends suggested spraying FlexSeal on the inside of the games to try and limit the amount of bounce that the washers experience.  I checked at Home Depot and it was $16 a can.  I found some rubberized  undercoating for $4 so I bought a can.  I masked off the top of the 3 octagon games and gave them a generous coat of the undercoating and let them dry overnight.  I’m hoping that it makes a difference.

On Monday morning we got all the 2×4’s cut down to size for 1 square washer toss game and 1 octagon game.  He pre-drilled and assembled the 2 boxes for the square game.  With giving him proper supervision and training, this took about an hour and half.

The wife and kids then went to go see a movie so I was able to work on my projects.

I started by breaking out the router table and trimming all the plywood bottoms down to size.  I always forget how satisfying this can be.

I then sanded all the exposed wood with 120 grit sandpaper on my orbital sander.

Once everything was sanded smooth, I gave them all a coat of brown paint and left them dry out in the sun.

While the paint was drying I mounted the John Wick art piece on the wall in my family room.  I’m really happy with how the piece turned out and how it looks in the room.

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