Project – Pennywise / IT movie inspired wall art

I had an idea to make a Ouija board art piece as a possible Halloween project. I got it all figured out and programmed into the CNC software. I had a 24″x 24″ piece of Oak plywood to repurpose from a project that I was making for a coworker who quite halfway through the build. The Ouija board only took up half the space so I was looking for something to add to it. In the meantime a friend posted the trailer for the new IT movie on FaceBook so I added the new Pennywise to the top of the Ouija board. I like how Pennywise looked but not with the board underneath so I removed it and added the old Pennywise. I then rotated the old on to look like a reflection. There were both negative images (cut out) so I inverted the old Pennywise to make it look more like a reflection and was happy with that look.

I cut the whole piece out on my X-Carve CNC machine in an afternoon.  The top, negative, Pennywise too about 1 1/2hrs and the bottom, positive, Pennywise took about 2 hours.

I spent an hour Wednesday night painting in the background of the old Pennywise and the face and part of the costume of the new Pennywise.  The face took the most time as I had to be very careful to not get any of the white paint on the raised wood pieces as they will break off very easy with any kind of heavy sanding.

My plan on Friday was to do some more painting once the World Series game ended.  It didn’t end until the bottom of the 18th inning at 12:20 am so that night was a bust.

I was able to work on it for a couple of hours Saturday night and got the rest of the white done on the new Pennywise and completed all the black for the old one as well.

Sunday morning I gave it a good sanding to get rid of all the excess paint on top and then gave it a couple of coats of spray poly and let it dry while we attended my son’s Boy Scout spaghetti dinner fundraiser.    Sunday night I spent 1 1/2 more hours painting and got the white and red laid down on the old Pennywise along with the small amount of red on the new one.


It still needs a frame built and a couple more coats of finish but I am very happy with how it turned out.  I’m going to try making a smaller version of the old Pennywise and see how it comes out.

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