Building the Ana White Rustic X Coffee Table

My friend Amran invited my family and I over to his house this past weekend to hang out and build the Ana White rustic x coffee table.  I downloaded the plans ahead of time and built it in Sketchup so I would have an idea on how to build it in real life.
The first step was to setup a work space in the driveway.
We then squared up the end of a 2×4,
setup a stop block, and cut 4 pieces at 16.5″
Next, we squared up the end of the 2×2
and cut 4 pieces at 41″.
Each piece then received a pocket hole at each end.
We then clamped the 2×2 to the 2×4
and drilled in a pocket screw.
Rinse and repeat.
We now have the 3 boards joined together.
Here are the beginnings of the 2 assemblies
Amran had some 2×3 boards so we used that as a spacer to
set the height of the bottom shelf supports.
The side frames are now complete.
We took the 8 ft 1×12 and cut it down to 2 – 41″ lengths
We joined the 2 boards together using glue and pocket screws.
We also drilled pockets holes along the outside and ends of the piece
Next we cut a 2×4 into 4 – 22.5″ lengths.
We used a stop block to make sure that they were all the same.
We drilled 2 pocket holes at the end of each 22.5″ piece
Here we laid it upside down on the flattest part of the garage and pocket
screwed the top rails to the side assemblies.
We made spacers out of some scrap 2×4 to make sure we
got the bottom rails lined up just right.
We then screwed the bottom shelf into the side supports.
It’s starting to look like a coffee table!
We then setup another stop block and cut the 5 – 2×6’s down to 52″ each.
Once we had all 5 pieces cut to length and pocket holes drilled
we set them up on that flat spot of the garage and drilled them together.
At this point it was time to eat so we laid the top on the base and my
buddy went to the back yard and cooked us some excellent steaks!
Unfortunately it got dark quick so we cleaned everything up and I made the 1 hour and 20 minute drive home.  My buddy worked on the coffee more the next day and sent me some pictures.
I will post some more pictures when he gets it finished!

3 Replies to “Building the Ana White Rustic X Coffee Table”

binh nhu

February 17, 2016 at 6:35 am

Great ideal
@john i think you should use biscuit joiner like this :">



March 27, 2016 at 7:33 am

Looks great. I like this DIY project very much. I will make it for my house.


Ryan Wilford

June 17, 2017 at 12:49 am

Neat project man. Love the industrial look on this one. Keep up the good work!


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