Shop update #1 (11-15-17)

This is a new feature that I am going to try out.  It’s basically going to be a quick run down on what I am working on and my plans for the coming weekend.
My goal is to post one of these every Wednesday.

My wife and I went to Las Vegas last weekend so I got absolutely no woodworking done but it was totally worth it.  We went with three other couples and had a great time.

The weekend before that I started on my outdoor workbench made entirely out of 2×4’s.  It is going to be 27″ wide, 30″ tall, and 96″ long.  It will replace the one that I have been using for the last couple of years that I made out of shop made sawhorses and pallet wood.  That one has been fine to work on but I always seem to need a little more room.  The new one is the same width and height, just longer.  I finished the 3 sets of legs and will be painting them and the stretchers this weekend.  If all goes well I will be staining and attaching the top pieces as well.  I am also working on the plans and will post them on this site when I publish the video of the build.

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