Shop update #100 (9-25-19)

It was another busy weekend but I was able to get some woodworking  done on Sunday afternoon.

My son’s Boy Scout troop held a Webelosree where they invite Webelos from local Cub Scout packs to come out and participate in a campout. We had over 60 Cub Scouts show up and everybody had a great time.

The Cub Scouts got to try their hand at throwing tomahawks at the targets that I made last year. 

I also brought out a washer toss game and a giant Jenga game for the Scouts to play with.

At the end of the night we had a really fun campfire program and ended it with a very respectful flag retirement ceremony.

On Sunday afternoon, after we rested up a bit, the older boy and I lightly sanded the washer toss game that he is making and gave it another coat of Spar Urethane.  

I had noticed that the washers that the Scouts had been using for the washer toss game the day before were pretty beat up so I gave them a fresh coat of paint.

While the paint was drying I was able to put the clasps on one of the 1/2″ plywood washer toss games.  I was out of the door handles that I normally use but with these versions being so light I decided to try a left over handle from an old ice chest and it looks like it should work.  I may add a couple of extra screws to play it safe.

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