Shop update #103 (10-16-19)

First thing Saturday morning, I went out and finished up the 2 light weight washer toss games by installing the latches, center cups, and handles.  All of the new washer toss games for ths year have been finished.  I am giving one to my neighbor as a present and plan on selling the other three.

I have taken the first washer toss game that I made last year to all the scouting events that I can.  At the last event one of the moms got a splinter when she was retrieving her washers.

I took all the hardware off including the center cups.  When I took the first cup out, a piece broke off the bottom.  Starbond sent me some CA glue to try out so I used it on this piece with great results.

I gave the 2 halves a good sanding with some 120 grit sandpaper on my random orbit sander.

I followed that up with 2 heavy coats of a Spar Urethane.

On Sunday, I made a few small plaques to be given out as door prizes at next week’s spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

While those were drying, I put the washer toss game back together and it looks and feels much better.

I’ve been looking for my self tapping metal screws all week and finally found them Sunday afternoon.  I was then able to replace the cheap screws on my screen door that was causing it to sag.

I put together some wooden toolbox kits for one of the other scout leaders and also carved out a new idea on the CNC machine.

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