Shop update #108 (11-20-19)

One of the Cub Scout parents contacted me and asked if I could make a version of a Disney Cruise ship’s funnel.  Their kids will give it to the Disney characters on a cruise ship to sign as a souvenir.  This is the example that she gave me.

This looks like a good job for my X-Carve CNC machine.
I logged into my free easel account (get yours here) and designed up a concept.  I made a quick sample on some 1/8″ plywood and sent them a proof.

They approved the design so I carved it out of some 3/4″ pine.  They wanted a light weight wood to be able pack in their luggage.

I cut the outsides down to 1/4″ and then trimmed off the excess on the bandsaw.

I then used a flush trim bit in my router table to trim everything down to size.

I carved the smokestacks about 1/8″ deeper to give them more definition.

I rounded over the sides with a 3/4″ roundover bit and the stacks with a 1/4″ roundover bit while I had the router table out.  I also gave the whole thing a sealer coat of spray shellac.

The next step was to hand paint the stacks and the Disney Cruise logo.

I let the paint dry overnight and then sanded off the excess with some 120 grit sandpaper on my random orbit sander.

I gave the top and sides 2 coats of gloss red acrylic paint and let it dry overnight.
The next night the whole thing received 3 coats of spray shellac and left to dry overnight again.

This was one of the more odd things that I have made but it was exactly what the client wanted and they were very happy.

I normally would have given it a light coat of paste wax at the end but I figured that it would interfere with the ability to write signatures on it so I decided to forgo it on this project.

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