Shop update #11 (1-24-18) Pinewood Derby Storage Boxes

My son and I went camping with his Boy Scout Troop this weekend at the Painted Canyon hiking trail just north of the Salton Sea.  It was a real fun trip and we got in a good 5 mile hike.  We left early Saturday morning and got back around 2:00 pm on Sunday.

I was able to return the wrong hinges and find some that fit.  I also picked up some 1/2″ screws but was unhappy with how well they were holding so I took one of the 3″ wide strips that I cut for the bottom skids and glued and screwed it to the inside of the box where the hinges mount.  It made the box stronger and gave the screws more material to bite into.  I was only able to get 1 lid mounted as I need to cut more 3″ strips from the remaining plywood.  I hope to have them finished and out of my shop this weekend.

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