Shop update #113 (12-25-19)

Over the weekend I cut out some of the WWGOA bandsaw reindeeer and we painted them to hand out as extra Christmas gifts.

I started by cutting a bunch of scrap 2×4’s into 10″ pieces and drawing the reindeer outlines using some shop made templates.

The 1/4″ blade on the bandsaw was having a hard time cutting out all the curves so I installed the 1/8″ one that I bought a couple of years ago.

The new blade made cutting the templates lines incredibly easy.

I took them into the house and the younger boy, my wife, and I painted them up.  We kept a few for the Gingerbread village and gave the rest out on Christmas Eve at my folk’s house.

Did you watch the video of me building a reindeer crate?  I boxed it up and used it for my family gift exchange.  Everybody thought it was a mini toilet before it got opened.

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