Shop update #114 (1-1-20)

Have I mentioned on here lately how much I hate breaking down pallets?  Can you guess what I did this weekend?

Saturday was spent helping my Mother in Law move.

On Sunday, I broke down 4 pallets that have been sitting on the side of my house.  2 have been there for quite a while and the other 2 are only a few months old.

I broke down the newer pallets first.  I started by cutting the ends of the slats with a circular saw and then prying them off with a short length of 2×4.

I then flipped it over and had to remove some large staples that would have been hit with the saw.

Once the staples were gone, I cut the slats on both sides and removed the larger stretchers.

I rotated the entire assembly to the left and clamped it to the table and used a mallet to knock the slats off of the remaining stretcher.  I used a hammer to knock off the remaining end pieces and used pliers to pull out the nails.

The older pallets ended up being pretty rotten and I just cut the slats along the middle and ends and ended up with a small pile of medium size pieces that had a very good patina on them.

I placed all the pieces in my Lumber Storage Rack and spent the rest of the day at the park with my younger son.

Later that night I took one of the weathered pieces and cut a quick logo on the CNC to see how it would turn out.

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