Shop update #115 (1-8-20)

I bought my kids a used table and 3 chairs last year from a person on Facebook for $15.  Apparently the older boy was leaning back too far and lost his balance.  Instead of telling me about it, he switched it out with another chair.  The broken piece of the wood is nowhere to be found.  I took it apart and I am going to see if I can trim that section down and graft another piece onto it.

I also gave the test piece a few coats of spray lacquer.  I want to see how well the carved out section keeps it color compared to the patina’ed parts.

I also bout a 2′ x 4′ table top from Facebook a couple of years ago for $5.  I am gluing up some 2×3’s to fashion into legs.  I bought some paint/varnish stripper and am going to try my hand at restoring the table top and adding legs to it.  I plan to put it up in my older son’s room for him to work on his homework.

Last but not least, I took all my GoPro accessories out to the shop and made a mount to try out some new angles on the X-Carve CNC.

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