Shop update #116 (1-15-20)

One of the moms at last week’s Boy Scout meeting asked me if I could cut down some leftover cabinet shelving for her into some uniform sizes.  I broke out the table saw this weekend and made short work of them.

Do you remember the table legs that I glued up last weekend?  I took them all out of the clamps and started cutting one down to size.  I made many, many, many shallow half cuts, to be as safe as I could.  The latch on the table saw fence ended up breaking so I called it quits for the day and headed into the shop to try out some CNC project ideas.

I’m a big fan of the Disney+ show – The Mandalorian so I designed a project to hang on the wall in my office.

I had to fix a leaking sprinkler head and found out that my shovel had been sitting on the side of the house for the last year or so.  Once I was done with the sprinkler, I gave the shovel a quick sanding with my mouse sander.  My can of Boiled Linseed Oil says that it is good for garden implements so I gave it a healthy coat of the BLO.  It looks pretty and I am very interested to see how it holds up as a finish.


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