Shop update #12 (1-31-18) Pinewood Derby Storage Boxes

We had family stuff going on Saturday so I was able to get back to the Pine Wood Derby storage boxes on Sunday morning.

My first step was to take the leftover plywood and cut it into 2 and 3 inch strips.  My son and I then took the lid off the 1st box and reinforced the inside top of it with the strips of leftover plywood.  We then installed 2 handles on each end and added a reinforcement strip to the lid where the hinges mount.  We figured it out as we went so it took longer than expected.  Once we got that one done we ate lunch and then I was able to knock the second one in half the time.  I used the second box for shooting video.  In hindsight I wish that I would have broken out one of my GoPros and filmed my son and I working on the first one.

I’m going to stop by Harbor Freight on the way home from work tonight and pick up some 3 or 4 inch wheels to mount at one end of each box so that it can be easily moved by a single person.  I also need to attach three or four 3″ skids to the bottom of each box.


If I make these again I will use a slightly higher grade/thicker plywood.  The plans call for 1/2″ but this stuff just flexed and warped way too much.  It’s the typical cheap plywood that is much thinner than a true 1/2″ but it was even lower grade than I thought.  It was also very windy so I used a shopping bag full of cornhole bags to keep my tripod weighted down.

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