Shop update #139 (6-24-20)

Do you remember those simple planter boxes that I made a few months ago?  My wife and kids are making a science experiment so she asked me to mount one on a post for the rear patio cover.

I started by marking the size of the post on the side of the box and drilling four mounting holes.

I then took it to the post and attached it with a clamp.

I drove in 1 screw and then made sure that it was reasonably level.

I drove in the 3 other screws and called it done.

We are now growing a sweet potato vine.

I checked on FaceBook marketplace and nobody in my area seems to be selling blessed sign so I stained and clear coated the ones that I made last month and am going to see if I can find any buyers.

As a last minute touch on the 6 ft Graduation Bridge I added 2 slats to each of the ends to cap them off.  I carved my website address into the bottom slat and threw them on really quick.  I removed them this weekend and gave them 3 coats of spray lacquer, let them dry over night and then reattached them the next day.

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David Schafer

June 25, 2020 at 9:07 am

Do you have a squirrel-proof bird feeder?


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