Shop update #145 (8-5-20)

I have a bunch of 11 3/4″ strips of 3/4″ sheathing plywood left over from the Eagle Scout Project that we worked on for the last couple of weekends.

My kids are starting their remote learning next week so I decided to make them some simple student desks.  This way they will have a dedicated space for their class work and meetings.  This the design that I came up with.

I started by cutting all the larger pieces down into strip for the legs and sides.

I then glued and stapled all the pieces in submission to make the sides for 2 desk.

I got them all sanded down and ready for the next step in assembly when I realized that I had made 4 right sides instead of 2 left and 2 right.  I was done for the night so I will need to make 2 left sides next weekend.  I might make 4 just so I could potentially make more desks if needed.

I’ve been watching a lot of Peter Brown videos lately and finally took the plunge and ordered some Art Resin epoxy a couple of weeks ago and put it on shelf for later experimenting.  In the middle of the week, my older son asked me, out of the blue, if we could buy some resin and try making something.  I was able to surprise him and let him know that I had already ordered some and that we could try making something this weekend.  I had also ordered some pigment powder and he picked a couple different shades of blue to try out.  We just need to let eveything cure for 72 hours and then we will try pulling them out of the molds.


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