Shop update #147 (8-19-20)

This weekend was pretty hot so I was limited to working in the morning and late afternoon.  We still managed to get a fair bit accomplished though!

My older son and I finished his desk this weekend.  We started by using a handheld router with a flush trim bit to match the glued on 1/8″ white board to the desktop. After that we attched it to the base using pocket hole screws.

We then marked, cut out a spot, and then mounted a recessed power strip with USB plugs.  I found these strip on Amazon for $12 each.

The final step was to drill holes for and attach the leveling feet.

The next day I took the red desk out and mounted a power strip into it as well.  I also re-positioned and remounted the desktop to it as well.

The last thing that I did that night was to mount the playing field to the legs of the Giant Connect Four game.  I also assembled the bottom tray to catch the game pieces as they fall.

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