Shop update #148 (8-26-20)

It was a slow woodworking weekend but a busy plan making and video editing weekend.  It was also very hot outside so that might have contributed to the indoor activities.

I finished and posted the plans for the Student Desk.

I also edited and posted the video for the Student desk.

My wife asked to hang up a cork board over one of the desks so I drilled and countersunk 2 holes and mounted it with some 2″ deck screws.

I stopped by my local lumber dealer and checked out their hard woods.  I don’t have a project that needs any so I just window shopped to get out of the heat.

I also sprayed a 16 1/4″ x 16 1/4″ piece of half inch plywood white and carved out an album cover.  I haven’t used the CNC in a while and this just sounded like fun.

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