Shop update #154 (10-7-20)

My son is working on getting his next rank in Boy Scouts and needed to work on his lashings and Orienteering.  Saturday morning we went to the Hidden Valley Nature Center and Wildlife Area and hiked the course that has been setup there.  He won’t be following a topographical map any time soon but it was a good introduction and he got us to the end of the course in a decent amount of time.

For the lashings requirement he needed some Scout Staves so I bought 5 – 2x2x8’s and made some for him to use.

I started by cutting them down to 6′ lengths on the miter saw.

I then ran them through the table saw and brought them down to 1 1/4′ x 1 1/4′ x 6′.

I set up my router table with a 1/2″ round over bit and ran each one through on all 4 corners.  I didn’t have time to sand the ends but should get that done this weekend.  They were good enough for him to be able to demonstrate the lashings that he needed.

I made one more Jack O’ Lantern box for me to keep and hang up at my house.

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