Shop update #157 (10-28-20)

I’m working on a DIY Haunted Doll House renovation for my other YouTube channel and needed a temporary spray booth to paint all the pieces. 

I still had some offcuts left from the plywood desk builds so I made a couple of T shapes, turned them upside down and connected a stretcher on the top front and bottom rear.  I also stapled a piece of cardboard onto the back to stop the paint from spraying onto the side of my house.

I hung the first few pieces up with twine to spray them but it was a little too windy outside and they kept moving so I ended up setting up some blocks and painting on top of them instead.


We also got to attend a Cub Scout Halloween event at Camp Emerson in Idylwild, CA called EERIE EMERSON.  The boys got to shoot Bow & Arrows and BB Guns among other things.  They had some pretty cool shooting stations for the BB Guns that I am going to try and replicate.

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