Shop update #158 (11-4-20)

My main goal for the weekend was to make our Halloween candy distribution social distancing compliant.

To that end, I threw together some short standing post from scrap plywood and leftover pieces of 2×2.

I cut down the plywood into 7 1/2″ lengths, drilled a hole in the middle, countersunk it, and then drove in a screw.

I pre-drilled the end of the 2×2 and then screwed it into the plywood base.  I had enough scraps to make 19 of them.

We set them up in my driveway to form a path up to the candy distribution table and then back out.

I also hung up 2 of the Wood Jack O’ Lanterns that I made and set out the 2 that my sons made.  It made for a semi-spooky house.

I was also able to finish my DIY Haunted Doll House renovation for my second channel.  It turned out awesome and I am very proud of it.

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