Shop update #165 (12-23-20)

Last week, I delivered the finished Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board to the customer and she was very happy with how it turned out.

Over the weekend, I sanded the other 3 boards down to reveal the paint filled carvings.

None of the big box stores in my area have any medium walnut danish oil for sale so I’m not sure how I am going to finish them yet.

My son built a small bird feeder with his Cub Scout Patrol a couple of weeks ago over Zoom and wanted to make stand for it.  We spent most of Sunday afternoon building it and he is very proud of the results.

I had a spare 8′ 2×2 that we cut in half and then we made 8 – 12″ pieces and 4 – 6″ pieces. We drilled pocket holes in one end of 4 of the 12″ pieces (for feet) and 2 – 45° cuts on the other 4 (for braces).

We glued and screwed the 4 – 6″ pieces to the top of the post and screwed a based into it.

We attached the feet to the bottom using the pocket holes and glue.  We then glued and screwed the braces between the feet and the post.

Once the base was finished we attached the feeder to the top with 1″ screws driven in from the bottom.  We then took it out to the front yard and he filled it with bird seed.

I am not a big fan of birds but he was very excited to make the original feeder and then the stand.  I am very proud of the hard work that he put into them both.

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