Shop update #166 (12-30-20)

Now that Christmas is over I finally had time to finish assembling the other 3 Christmas Tree charcuterie boards.  They still need to be sanded and finished but at least all the pieces are together and I can store them away for now.  I should have had them done this time last month so that I could have sold them in time to be given out as presents.


I also sanded down the business card holder with epoxy inlay test and gave it a slight chamfer on the router table.  I’m not sure what kind of finish I’m going to put on it yet.  I want to use something that will make the epoxy pop.

I finally replaced my old 25 ft extension cord, as the socket had become quite loose after years of plugging and unplugging tools from it.  I was searching around Home Depot and found a 25 ft cord with a 3 headed receptacle.  This has allowed me to plug in 3 tools at the same time and not have to plug and unplug each tool every time.  I do not plan on running more than 1 tool at a time as I don’t want to blow the fuse or overload the cord.

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