Shop update #167 (1-6-21)

I carved some layered Fortnite designs on the CNC machine for my kids to paint and assemble as a New Year’s Eve project.  They both play and had fun painting and gluing them together once they got over being mad at me because I interrupted their game play with their friends.

I have a bunch of lumber that I collected a few years ago in 3 different trips that has been sitting in a haphazard pile in the middle of my shop.  I finally pulled it all out and organized it by size and thickness.  I ended up having to do it twice as I forgot to make space for my bandsaw on it’s stand.

I designed up a new larger treasure chest and started cutting the pieces for it.  I’m going to try and make this one extra ornate.

One of the boards had a crack at one end that I tried to cut off.  It turned out to be a stress crack that ran the whole length of the board.

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