Shop update #170 (1-27-21)

Between the rain and a Cub Scout hike, I only had a couple of hours to work on the Treasure Chest cooler box this weekend.

I started by measuring and marking the spots to inlay the hinges for the lid.

I used the hinge itself to set the depth on my battery powered trim router.  I’ve only inlaid hinges once before and that was with a chisel and hammer.

I then used the router to carve out the inlays.  The hinges fit in well enough but they are a little sloppy.  I am going to use a smaller bit next time and also clamp an extra board to the inside for extra stability.

I then used a Phillips head screwdriver to make a pilot hole for the drill bit.

I screwed the bottom hinges in first and then used the hinge locations to mark and route out the inlays for the top.  The lid opens and closes nicely.  I’m quite happy with how they turned out.


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