Shop update #173 (2-17-21)

I took it easy this weekend and just worked on some of the CNC raffle prizes that I am making for my Car Club 30th Anniversary celebration.

I sanded the paint off of the logo plaque, that I made last week, with 120 grit sandpaper and then 220.  I gave it a good coat of Dark Walnut Danish Oil and set it out to dry.

I designed a smaller version of the logo and carved it into some 4 quarter poplar.  I sanded everything smooth and then gave it a coat of Tung Oil.  I plan on putting some felt on the bottom and it can be used as a paper weight or just a desk decoration.

I also designed and carved out a small item tray that can sit on a bed stand or dresser.  It still needs to be sanded and finished.

I also two of the crossbones from last weekend and sanded them to try and make them look a little weathered.  I got a little too aggressive on of them and snapped one bone off.  It was a pretty clean break and should glue right back together.

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