Shop update #189 (6-9-21)

My wife decided to grow some pumpkin squash this year and asked me to make a raised trellis for them.  To keep the cost down, I made it out of 10 – 8 ft 1×2’s.

I started by cutting all the 1×2’s down to length.  4 legs and 12 stretchers.

I then made 2 giant rectangles using glue, brad nails, and screws.

I leaned the rectangles into each other to form a triangle and held everything together with 1×2’s and clamps.

All of the stretchers got attached with glue, brad nails, and screws.

The side supports were sticking out a little too much at head height so I trimmed them back with a jig saw.

I set it up in the garden area and my wife tied up the plants so that the branches can grow up the trellis.

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