Shop update #19 (3-21-18)

It was another busy weekend at the LeBlanc homestead.  The older boy had a Boy Scout campout Friday night to Sunday morning and the younger one had a baseball game on Saturday. 

On Saturday I took the younger one in the shop and he decided that he wanted to make a character for mommy.  We took the left over 2×4 blocks from the targets and drilled holes in them for 16 penny nails.  He then nailed it all together.  We masked and spray painted them and then went to his baseball game.  After the game he painted a face on it and gave it to mommy after it dried.

We dropped the older one off at the campgrounds Friday night and the troop brought the tomahawk targets and their new set of larger tomahawks.  They now have a small set and a large set.  The targets got beat up at the last campout and they were not able to get them back to me in time to get the backer boards installed.  They did not fare well.  When I picked my son up on Sunday I also grabbed the targets.  One them needed minor repairs and the backer board and the other one needed extensive recovery.  I will most likely build replacement rows for the center section but I took it as a personal challenge to see if I could glue it all back together.

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