Shop update #204 (9-22-21) Jack O’ Lantern boxes

This weekend my son and I batched out 12 Jack O’ Lantern boxes to sell for Halloween. 

I cut a bunch of cedar fence pickets down to finished length and then my son sanded the top face of each one.

We then cut out all of the designs on my Inventables CNC machine

The face and back of each box stayed the same width but we trimmed the sides down so that the box would be square.  We also cut scrap plywood down to size to make the tops of the box.  I gave the tops a roundover on my router table and my son sanded everything smooth including the front and back of each CNC cut design.

Once everything was reasonably smooth, my son assembled them with glue and staples.

We still need to paint them and I have a unique idea to try out for lighting them up and then we are going to post them for sale.  We are going to put them up for $25 each and my son gets $5 for each one that we sell.

One Reply to “Shop update #204 (9-22-21) Jack O’ Lantern boxes”

Mike Harp

October 2, 2021 at 1:21 pm

Did u post the cut list for this great project ? Sorry if I miss it. ….


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