Shop update #213 (11-24-21)

This weekend was all about working on the Dutch Oven storage cabinet and playing with the new laser cutter.

I took the cabinet carcass and crates to the workbench and gave them a good sanding with some 120 grit sandpaper as they had been sitting for a few weeks and the wood had darkened.

Once sanded, I gave the carcass a base coat of white primer.

While the primer was drying a applied a coat of medium walnut danish oil to the 2 smaller crates.

I let the paint on the carcass dry overnight, gave it a light sanding, and then applied a first coat of gloss white paint.  I’m going to give it a second coat later this week.

I also gave the larger crate a coating of danish oil but forget to take an “after” picture.

I experimented with the laser cutter and made some standoffs to hold pieces up off the table and practiced engraving on some pencils.

For a final test I spray painted an old canvas black and tried engraving a picture on it.

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