Shop update #224 (2-9-22) Planter Bag Stand

I found a picture of a planter stand made out of 2×4’s that holds 12 – 5 gallon buckets.  The idea being that you can fill the buckets with soil and grow different plants in them.  I wanted to keep the cost down so I designed one very similar but made it to fit 6 – 5 gallon grow bags instead.  I broke the design down and determined that I would need a total of 9 – 2x4x8’s to build it.  I drove to my local Home Depot to pick up the materials needed and discovered that 2×4’s had gone up in price again to $6.98 each.  I had not planned to spend that much on wood so I pivoted and bought 9 – 1x3x8’s at $2.97 each.  I then redesigned the planter stand with the new dimensions and built it in a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon.

Step 1 was to get all the parts cut down to size.

I then built the 2 tiers and assembled them together.

The end product is 40″ wide, 29″ deep, and 25″ tall.  It is also very, very light.  I’m working on the plans now and hope to have them posted here soon!

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