Shop update #227 (3-2-22)

It was my turn to host our semi regular neighborhood poker game on Saturday night.  I spent the afternoon cleaning up the back patio and griddle surround/bar.

Once everyone arrived, I cooked up 6 cups of chicken fried rice.

Everyone ate their fill and we retreated back into the house for a fun night of Texas Holdem.  We have a folding poker table that we rotate between the houses.  I have measured it several times and hope to make my own someday.

Late last year I had some custom FWW poker chips made and I finally got the chance to hand them out to everyone who showed up.

On Sunday I finished up the rest of the parts for the giant folding workbench.  We have plans to go pick up a full sheet of plywood and assemble it at my friend’s house this coming Sunday.

When I built the students desks for my kids, I accidentally made 2 sets of left legs for the second one instead of 1 right and 1 left so I ended up make a few extra to get the leftover bits of plywood used and to get good shots for the video.  Those damn legs have been hanging out for a year and a half moving from place to place.  I finally broke them down and disposed of them.

Thus ended my weekend.

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