Shop update #229 (3-16-22) Bathroom Shelves edition

My wife asked me to buy and mount one of those MDF bathroom hutch/medicine cabinet things in the toilet closet of our master bathroom so I made some custom fit shelves instead.

I started by picking up cutting some 1/2″ maple plywood and cut it into 7.25″ strips.  I also bought some of the good pine boards to mount to the front of the shelves.

I then cut everything down to the proper width for the room.

All the pieces got a good sanding, a coat of stain, and then 2 coats of Spar Urethane.

I attached the front face using glue and brads.

I screwed some furring strips into the back wall and then on the 2 side walls next to it.  I then placed the shelves on these strips and drove 1 screw into the back furring strip.  I did this for both shelves.

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