Shop update #234 (4-20-22) How to make wall mounted bottle openers with cap catchers

It was Easter this past weekend so I made some quick and easy wall mounted bottle openers with cap catchers.

I started with a single 6 ft cedar fence picket because that is what I had on hand.

I cut it down on the miter saw to 3 – 15″ lengths.

I then cut 3 cap catcher fronts and 6 cap catcher sides at 2″ tall and gave them a light sanding with 120 grit sandpaper.

I glued and stapled the fronts to the sides and then the entire catcher to the front of the 15″ pieces.

I measured the inside of the box and cut pieces to fit.

The bottoms were then glued and stapled in place.  They do not need to be that strong as all they will be doing is hold bottle caps.

The next step was to give everything a couple of coats of outdoor spar urethane.

Can you guess which one is going in my backyard?

I then mounted the bottle openers and they are good to go!

The cedar is very lightweight so I plan on driving 2″ screws through the bottle opener into cedar and then into a wooden pole for mounting.  This should properly secure the bottle openers and ensure that they don’t rip out of the cedar.



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