Shop update #235 (4-27-22)

A friend of mine contacted me at 10:00 pm on Wednesday and asked me if I could an emergency last minute gift for his wife.  We brainstormed back and forth and finally came up with an idea for a sign to hang in their motorhome.  I designed something up late that night and sent it to him on Thursday morning.  He liked the idea so I got started on it Thursday night after I got home from work.

I had some poplar left over from another project so I trimmed it down to 16″ and gave it a good sanding with 120 grit sandpaper including the little bit of live edge it had on the bottom.

I then loaded up the design on my laser engraver and let it run for about 70 minutes to complete the engrave.

I gave the front a quick hand sanding and engraved my logo and the year built on the back.  I’m trying to do this on all projects moving forward.

I gave the whole thing 2 coats of a water based spar urethane about 2 hours apart and left it to dry for the night with a fan blowing on it.

I gave it a light sanding and 1 more coat of spar urethane in the morning before I headed to work.  I gave it another light sanding to smooth it out when I got home and my buddy picked it up that night.

I would have liked the engraved parts to be a little darker but I am not sure how or if I can do it with my current laser engraver.


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