Shop update #239 (5-25-22)

This weekend, I finished up the AOL plaques from last week and made some last minute freestanding letters for my sister.

All of the AOL plaques received 3 coats of spray lacquer and were allowed to dry overnight.  Once the finish cured, I gave them a finish sanding and then installed 2 picture hangers on the back of each one.  They also received to hooks on the bottom to clip the actual arrow into.

My sister texted me on Thursday night and asked me if I could make some freestanding letters to be used in a display for my nephew’s Lacrosse banquet.  She needed capital L A X.  She went to Hobby Lobby to pick them up but apparently they don’t sell the letter X.  My only guess is that they are afraid that somebody might buy three of them.  I decided to try making letters that had slots in the bottom and small legs that had slots that lined up with the ones in the letters.  I didn’t design the first set correctly for the L but I got it figured out for the other 2 letters.  They were good enough for the one time use but I’m not proud of them.  I also had a weird issue with how the letters scaled up but it all worked out in the end.

My Brother in Law picked up the letters and spray painted them blue for the banquet.

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