Shop update #242 (6-15-22)

I was approached by a Boy Scout from another Troop and asked if I could help him learn how to build a Rocket Style Bat Box so that he could teach other Scouts how to make and install 2 in a local wildlife area as part of his Eagle Project.  We were finally able to work on it this weekend.

These are the plans that he found online.


We went to our local Home Depot and I taught him how to choose the wood and how to get it cut to fit inside the car for transport.  He bought enough supplies to make 3 boxes.  I for training with me and 2 for him to supervise the Scouts in his Troop to build.

I showed him how to read and follow the plans.  I trimmed the pieces to size and then he used a miter box to score the pieces that needed it.  The plans called for screws but we built it with glue and nails as Scouts are not allowed to use power tools.  We were able to get everything in a one long Saturday and he was very excited and thankful for the experience.

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