Shop update #245 (7-6-22)

It was a busy Fourth of July weekend.

On Saturday morning, I learned how to fix a water heater that doesn’t want to light.

Saturday evening I went to a local cruise night and posted pictures to my online magazine website:

I then picked up my 2 sons from their Boy Scout Summer Camp trip to Oregon at 10:00 pm at John Wayne Airport which is a 45 minute minute drive from my house.

I slept in on Sunday and then practiced designing boxes for my laser cutter, cutting out the parts, and assembling them.  I think that I finally have a good process down.

On Sunday night, I made a new recipe that I discovered from a TikTok video that had been posted to Facebook.  Taco Stuffed Shells.  Look for a full article coming soon on my personal website:

Later that night myself and one other Boy Scout dad pulled an all nighter and monitored our Troop fundraiser Fireworks Stand from 10:30 pm Sunday night to 7:30 am Monday morning.  One of the requirements to be able to have the stand is that it has to be monitored every night in case of an accidental fire.  We don’t have to try and save the stand, we just need to be there to call 911.

I got home at 8:30 am and slept until about 1:00 pm Monday afternoon.  I BBQ’ed around 3:00 pm and then we went to our neighborhood block party and hung out for the night.

It was almost more relaxing to go back into the office for work the next day….


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