Shop update #248 (7-27-22)

I don’t know if anybody has noticed, but my GO-TO birthday party gift this year has been custom bottle cap catchers.  

We had another party to attend this weekend so I sanded down the 6 catchers that I made last weekend and gave them a heavy coat of water based Spar Urethane.

I let them dry for a couple of hours and then laser etched in my standard design.

While at the party on Sunday, one of the attendees saw the bottle cap catcher and asked if I could make 2 of them for her for pickup on Wednesday.  Since I had 5 more built and ready to go I told her that I could have them ready for pickup on Tuesday night.  I laser engraved them on Monday night and she picked them up yesterday.

I plan on posting some pictures on my Facebook timeline and see if any of my other friends might be interested.  I sold these ones for $25 each.  I plan on offering them for $25 with this graphic as I already have a template built for it.  If they want anything extra, there will be a modest “design fee”.

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