Shop update #251 (8-17-22)

It was another 103° weekend in Southern California so I didn’t get too much woodworking done.

My wife picked up a small lime tree and a small lemon tree a while back and had them planted in large pots.  We transplanted them into the ground.  It turns out that once you get under my grass, the soil is very, very rocky and hard to dig in to.  Lesson learned.

I received a request from a friend to make a set of cornhole boards for her husband’s birthday so I picked up some more 2×4’s and cut them down to size.  I also finished cutting all of the fence pickets for the wishing well.  This was all done after 7:00 pm when the temp was down to 91°.

I’m hoping to have the time to build the frames for the cornhole boards and get all of the pickets for the wishing well sanded and painted this coming weekend.

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