Shop update #254 (9-7-22)

It was Labor Day weekend and over 105° every day.  On Saturday, I went out of town for a car club pool party.  On Sunday, I did a little work on the wishing well planter box and on Monday I made hot dogs with home made New York style onion sauce.

I had previously cut some 2×4’s into 18 segments with each side cut at a 22.5° angle to form a hexagon.  I started by dry fitting 2 circles to make sure that everything lined up.

I then drilled 2 pocket holes into 1 side of each segment.

I then glued the 2 segments together and attached them with coated pocket holes.

This took about an hour to accomplish with recording video and by the time I was finished it was already a hundred degrees out so I retreated back into the house to relax in the A/C.

It’s supposed to be slightly cooler next weekend so I am hoping to get all of the parts sanded and painted and then assembled the weekend after that.  Wish me luck!

On Monday I tried my hand at making New York style hot dogs with home made  onion sauce and they were really, really good.  You can see the results on my personal website:

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