Shop update #26 (4-25-18)

On Saturday morning my son had a baseball game.  After the game I was able to get the carcass for the snake cage stand re-assembled and then I went to Home Depot and picked up a 4×8 sheet of particle board for the shelves and some black paint.  I cut the wood down into 24″ x 18″ pieces so that I could handle them easily.  Each shelf will get 2 pieces.  I also cut down the plywood for the sides and for the doors.  While I was cutting down the wood I had the CNC machine running in the garage cutting out a project that I plan on releasing for May the 4th Be With You day.

On Sunday I picked the older boy up from a Boy Scout camping trip and did some basic house and yard maintenance that was over due.  I also put a good coat of black paint on all the shelf pieces.  I can’t wait to get this stand finished so I can get on to other projects.

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