Shop update #261 (10-26-22)

I took a chance and ordered some 12″x12″x1/8″ plywood sheets from Amazon and they ended up being pretty clean and nice and flat.  

I ran some tests and refined my laser settings so that it made a nice clean cut without much charring.

I then cut out and assembled a half dozen lanterns and posted them in a group chat that we have for our neighborhood friends.  I sold a total of 7 lanterns and made enough back to pay for all of the materials & lights.  I made the R2D2 lantern for myself and it is sitting on my desk at work.  The laser cuts are pretty small for the R2D2 design, it has a good amount of burning and smoke damage so I probably won’t be making one that small again.  I made these as a last minute idea so I don’t think that I’ll be selling any more but they were fun to design and build.

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