Shop update #263 (11-9-22)

I had a company send me an Aufero Laser 2 to test out and make a video about.  It does not come with any kind of software so after a little research I discovered that it is most compatible with Laser GRBL and LightBurn.  I did some testing and discovered that Laser GRBL is absolute garbage but it is free.  LightBurn is free for 30 days and then it costs $60 to license and you get a year of upgrades with the license.  I’ve been meaning to learn how to use LightBurn so I spent the weekend testing it out and making all kind of sample cuts in scrap 1/16″ plywood, 1/8″ plywood, and 1/4″ oak.  So far, I have been pretty pleased with it’s performance.

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