Shop update #267 (12-7-22)

Saturday morning, my sons and I helped out with an Eagle Scout Project for one of the members of their Boy Scout Troop.  I went to a Friend’s Christmas Party that night until 2:00 am.

We spent the day on Sunday at Dave and Buster’s celebrating my son’s birthday with a bunch of his friends.

During all of this I sold my first official set of slate coasters.

I’m also making some Stocking Tags for a friend of mine.  I stained them but am debating spray painting them white.

I also received an order for a laser engraved paddle that is going to be given as a thank you present.  It’s meant to be hung on a wall so it doesn’t need to be that thick.  I got the shape cut out on the CNC machine and gave the whole thing a coat of stain.  Once it dries completely, I will laser engrave it and then clear coat it.

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